Story number 3 for 13 Apr 2000

By April 13, 2000

Celebration 2000 with Luis Palau, is a monthlong campaign in North Dakota and western Minnesota. Jose Zayas is one of seven evangelists who will proclaim the Gospel in 14 towns and cities. He likens their approach to this campaign to a soccer match. “It really is a team sport-in this case, to get the ball downfield is going to take everyone. So, in that respect, Luis Palau is the one whose the team leader for ‘Celebration 2000’. We’re trusting that the whole state will hear the voice of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the month of April.” Zayas adds that the meetings at Easter are no coincidence. “I think that the Easter season is a great time to do evangelism. People are awake to spiritual things-it may only happen twice a year, Easter and Christmas, so we’re making the most of the natural calendar while people are open to listen to the message.” Zayas asks that people pray for the team. He says right after ‘Celebration 2000’, they are headed to Shanghai, China for the next series of meetings.

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