Story number 3 for 13 Jul 2000

By July 13, 2000

Treating the blind in Nigeria is opening doors for the Gospel in the predominately Muslim nation of Nigeria. Christian Blind Mission International‘s Jeff Watson just returned from that country, where they’re treating some 13-million people a year. Watson says, initially they’re not warmly greeted. “They’re very suspicious when we come in. We work with large Muslim populations and Animists. So, we go in there. We treat people. We love them, and they see our concern. And, there’s many people who end up saying, these guys are really sincere. Nobody else is really caring even their own religion isn’t even caring for them.” Campus Crusade for Christ is helping with the evangelism and discipleship. Watson says CBMI hasn’t felt the push, by some states, to adopt Islamic law. “We’re in the very rural areas. I think in the cities you’d run more into that. The Sharia thing’s very new in Nigeria actually, but we haven’t run into to much resistance in the communities.” 25-dollars can help one cataract patient receive sight.

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