Story number 3 for 13 Mar 2000

By March 13, 2000

While Russia’s battle for Chechnya continues, ministry leaders are strategically planning how to reach the lost with the Gospel. Russian Ministries’ Peter Deyneka says they’re uniquely positioned to help the thousands of refugees. “Because Russian ministries is an indigenous organization, it is one of the few ministries that has been granted access to the refugees. And, along with food clothing and medical care, Russian ministries is providing the one thing that many other relief agencies can’t, that is hope for the future through Jesus Christ.” Deyneka says evangelism among this predominately Muslim people group could expand as they train Christians this year, but they need help. “It costs $120 per seminar, per missionary to train them. We are looking to God for $204,000 in the next eight months to make these 90 seminars possible to train 1,700 young men and women to evangelize Russia.”

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