Story number 3 for 14 Aug 2000

By August 14, 2000

While 13-million people in the Horn of Africa region face famine, the landscape of southwestern Ethiopia is deceptive. A lush setting makes it hard to communicate the seriousness of the situation. World Relief’s Ahuma Adodoadji (ah-HOO-ma AH-doh-doh-WAH-jee). “The rains did not come at the right time, and the period we were in, the rains had begun to come, so it all looked green. But, because it came too late, most of the planted seeds were all damaged.” Adodoadji says in this famine, though, the look on the faces of the people is vastly different than 15 years ago during that crisis. “I think one of the amazing stories of Ethiopia is the rapid growth of the Christian church. So, in some of these areas, you are dealing with people who have become Christians, and are yet affected by this; so, they have some capacity to cope with some of the problems they are going through. That may explain some of what you see on their faces [now].”

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