Story number 3 for 14 Jan 2000

By January 14, 2000

Reaching out to the blind around the world is the key for one mission group in
their Great Commission effort. Christian Blind Mission’s President Allen Harkey
says there are more than 45-million blind people around the world and, in most cases
it’s treatable. Harkey says, because of the need, they’re spearheading the Vision 2020
plan. “God placed on my heart the challenge to eliminate avoidable blindness from our
world by the year 2020. We have come up with a strategy that promises to actually
make Vision 2020 a reality in our life time.” CBMI is currently working in 107
countries, with more than 10-thousand national workers. Harkey says they’re using
medicine to share the Gospel in hard to reach countries. “We are working in places
that are unreached with the Gospel. And, frankly, we’re able to get in to places that
purely evangelistic organizations can not go, because we’re providing medical help,
medical relief.” However, the plan can’t be successful without additional financial

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