Story number 3 for 14 Jan 2002

By January 14, 2002

(Afghanistan)–The people of Afghanistan are seeing the demonstration of Christ’s love firsthand as Christian relief agencies are helping the needy. Word Vision’s Al Dwyer is in Herat distributing food at the city’s soccer stadium, which he says was used by the Taliban for public beatings and executions. “People accused of murder or adultery were generally taken to the stadium and public executions were held in the football field. A lot of the local staff had bad memories. It was an evil place. So, I think this distribution now based on the fact that thousands of people every day are getting food needed to sustain life are coming to the stadium is changing the perception here.” Nearly a half million people are being fed by the program. Dwyer says they’re doing everything in the name of Christ. “Our faith really manifests itself through our actions. It’s a demonstration right now. There’s a bit of a change going on here. I think in the future there’s going to be more openness in this society. That’s not something you get over in a week.”

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