Story number 3 for 14 Jun 2000

By June 14, 2000

Ten days after heavy rains ruptured the retaining wall of an open-air sewage canal east of Mexico City, thousands of people were camped on their roofs. Many homes were inundated by three feet of stinking water and human waste. Churches and missionaries are responding to the situation that left at least 6,000 people homeless. Latin America Mission’s Ken MacHarg files this report. “LAM’s Rebekah Meyerend says it is really a nasty situation with cars, animals, houses and some people covered with the filth. Rebekah is raising funds and purchasing water, canned goods, milk and baby diapers to take into the Chalco area, a low-income suburb of Mexico City. Over 6,000 people are homeless because of the flooding but many have stayed in the area to protect their property and now are facing the risk of disease. Rebekah says that one church in Mexico City has collected bags of clothing and has promised to help out in the long term. For Mission Network News, I’m Ken MacHarg.”

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