Story number 3 for 15 Apr 2002

By April 15, 2002

(Venezuela)– The president of Venezuela Hugo Cavez is back in power after being temporarily arrested last week by the military. It was in response to a deadly opposition demonstration last week. Latin America Mission’s Greg Burch is in Caracas. “From the looks of my neighborhood it’s very calm. I mean this is the calmest its been in a very long time. We’re sensing that this is over. In the country, the people here are excited about their future and there’s not a sense of panic like I thought, perhaps there would be.” Burch, who reaches out to boys on the street, is hoping the situation remains calm. He says Christians can help in an important way. “Continue to pray for peace in the country because unless there’s peace in the streets it’s difficult to minister to the boys on the street simply because of the police and the National Guard. Pray that God would give the new leaders of the country direction as they head toward elections.”

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