Story number 3 for 15 Apr 2003

By April 15, 2003

(Indonesia) — While anti-Christian sentiment is common in Indonesia a Christian radio rally in that predominately Muslim country ran without a hitch. That’s the word from Jim Bowman, the president of Far East Brodcasting Company. Bowman says the rally was held in Kalimantan. “To our surprise 3,000 people showed up for this one. Towards the end of the conference, of course, they give an invitation, I guess you’d call it to people, an opportunity for them to express their interest to become Christians, and they were amazed that 300 people at this particular one did. I guess they didn’t have faith because they didn’t have enough counselors ready for all of these people.” Bowman says there is a message for Muslims on Christian radio. “Muslims do trust and do listen to Christian advice because the Gospel, more than most religions and belief systems in the world, has a lot to say about love and healing relationships and this is such a need in the world in every family regardless of culture and regardless of religion.” Pray that more of these radio rallies will be equally as successful in Indonesia.

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