Story number 3 for 15 Oct 2001

By October 15, 2001

(North Korea)–An evangelical relief and development agency is making inroads in to Communist North Korea. Baptist World Aid, the relief and development arm of the Baptist World Alliance, now has a permanent base from which to work there. BWA’s Paul Montecute. “It’s going to help us in our relief work because we’re going to be able to have folk on the spot there to receive things that we send in and distribute things and help things out. And, we’re also going to possibly going to respond to a request for English language training for some North Korean folk.” This follows the successful distribution of medical supplies, children’s clothing and school supplies earlier this year. Montecute says it appears the government is becoming more open. “We’ve had really excellent relationships with the North Korean government department that we’ve been working with. The relationships seem to get stronger and stronger every time we go and deliver more goods to people who are suffering there.”

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