Story number 3 for 16 Dec 1999

By December 16, 1999

“Change” is defined as an alteration, a shift or a transition from one thing to another. It is that description that has caused some Christian groups to focus their efforts on the church. The subtle movement frames Global Advance’s Dr. David Shibley’s thoughts on evangelism and the Great Commission in the 21rst century. “I think it’s very vital that we come into an important, respecting, honorable partnership with what some call the ‘third world churches’ because they are the ones that are really leading the charge in the fulfillment of the Great Commission.” Shibley thinks the American church will soon be learning about the risks involved with servanthood in the body of Christ. “I believe the Lord is going to allow us, in the American church, to become ready for this, even by tasting persecution, here in the United States as well so that we can really partner in the fellowship of Christ’s suffering with our brothers and sisters around the world.”

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