Story number 3 for 16 Feb 2000

By February 16, 2000

Food and the Gospel continue to be a great need in Haiti. That’s the word from Don DeHart of For Haiti with Love. DeHart says a poor economy and drought is causing many Haitians to go without food. He says they’re receiving donations to help, but there are problems. “We’ve got it. It’s in our warehouse, but suddenly the airline that we’ve been using to haul cargo in has gone into bankruptcy. So, there’s not regular way to get it into Haiti. So, what we’re looking for is some short term relief maybe for February and March to get some of this food into Haiti to keep these starving people from dying.” DeHart says providing physical food is essential to evangelism. “Hungry bellies don’t hear quite as well as full bellies. Somebody that’s fed, they’re more willing and more capable of believing the gospel of love, the gospel of salvation and the gospel of redemption, because they’re in the process of feeling and tasting the love of God.” DeHart is praying someone can step forward and help.

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