Story number 3 for 16 Jan 2002

By January 16, 2002

(South Africa)–A ministry reaching out to the spiritual needs of Africa is appealing for prayer and financial support. African Enterprises’ Mark Manley says their ministry of evangelism and church planting is vital to addressing crime, AIDS and other social problems. “We not only address ourselves to the general population, but very specifically we target leadership as well. So many of our own limitations are of a financial making. We know that we could mobilize many, many more people, but we are limited in that the resources are not there.” Despite that, Manley says they’re discussing ways to be effective. Next year they’re holding the South African Christian Leadership Assembly. “To bring 10,000 Christian leaders together in one place at one time to define and strategize and develop processes and programs for the transformation of our society.” Pray that many Christians around the world will be burdened for souls there.

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