Story number 3 for 16 Jun 2003

By June 16, 2003

(USA)–Churches are needed to help support a ministry that’s placing individuals in missionary service. Finishers Project provides adult Christians information and challenge for discovering and processing ministry opportunities in missions. Finishers’ Nelson Malwitz says they’re successful, but it costs money. “For every person that we connect with either at a conference or at the web site, the Finishers Project cost is about $25 a person. For every person we connect with, about one in 20 actually go, which I think is a pretty good ratio. So, if you divided by 20, it costs about $500 to place one person.” Malwitz says that’s why they’re looking for churches to help. “Finishers Project is looking for 70 churches nationwide to come along side to be part of praying, promoting, and participating of the sending forth of laborers so that more and more of our generation look at this as a viable option as to what to do with the rest of their life.”

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