Story number 3 for 16 May 2003

By May 16, 2003

(Sri Lanka)–Sri Lanka and the church-the two have long been reported to be at odds. Even though Christians only make up about eight-percent of the population in this predominantly Buddhist nation, their faith often draws fire from the government. However, Back To The Bible’s James Kanaganayagam believes the changes they’re seeing are direct answers to prayer. “Now, we’re able to get onto the local FM stations to broadcast our Christian programs, which we were unable to do earlier. So, in that sense, there has been an opening over the last couple of years for us to minister greater than we did in the past.” Kanaganayagam says they broadcast the Gospel message to 19-million people, but adds that growing persecution increases tensions. “While the government is still a secular government and upholds the right of all religions, there are places where there is growing opposition to the church. Because of the community, very little seems to be done to confront those who are harassing the church.”

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