Story number 3 for 16 Nov 2001

By November 16, 2001

(Philippines)–Pastors in the Philippines are asking Christians around the world for prayer. That’s the word from Voice of China and Asia’s Cindy Stewart who says persecution is increasing in areas dominated by Muslims. “We have two pastors in the Philippines asking for prayer because they’re having a lot of problems with rebel Muslims over there that do attack them when the go out to minister. They’re in the rural mountain areas. They’re trying to build churches and just win souls.” Stewart says despite the attacks, they continue to plant churches and share the Gospel. She says these dedicated workers have needs. “They have been asking for finances to help them get Jeeps to get them further into the mountains. Right now they go just so far with their cars and then they have to walk the rest of the way and they’re trying to get motorcycles that can get them up there or Jeeps that can help them go further in, and then supplies to build the churches.” Pray that many will response to these needs.

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