Story number 3 for 16 Oct 2002

By October 16, 2002

(USA)–As millions of children are orphaned around the world an evangelical ministry is reaching out to their needs. Buckner Orphan Care International is working in 25 countries to help provide food, clothing and other essentials to help sustain them. Buckner’s Tiffany Taylor. “We Interface with the governments and say listen we’ve got all this wonderful expertise on how to deal with children. And, really what that allows us to do is it opens the doors then for us to share all of our expertise, but then we get the door open to share the Gospel to the children also.” While Christians who adopt internationally encourage Taylor, humanitarian and spiritual aid is needed more. “Many of the children aren’t even legally available for adoption. What we’re really focusing is on those kids that are left behind. If we don’t make an eternal difference to them 30-percent of the children when the graduate from the orphanage system will turn to a life of crime. 10-percent will commit suicide within three years.”

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