Story number 3 for 17 Apr 2000

By April 17, 2000

A huge evangelistic crusade in South Korea is just days away and organizers are asking people to pray for the event. Manmin World Mission’s Johnny Kim says the evangelism extravaganza begins May 8th. He says because of satellite television and the internet, thousands and maybe millions, will hear the Gospel. “More than 10 countries, the people will get together to participate in this special revival meeting including Pakistan, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Mongolia even from (the) United States of America.” The meetings feature Doctor Lee Jay Rock, pastor of the Manmin Joongang (joong-AHNG) Church in Seoul. Kim says they’ll be using orchestra, Korean dancing and other cultural events to lead people to Christ. “Through (these) kinds of cultural events we’d like to open the hearts of the people, especially first comers and unbelievers so that they can easily except the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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