Story number 3 for 17 Jul 2000

By July 17, 2000

Portuguese speaking people in Brazil will experience an historic moment in Bible translation. International Bible Society’s Brazilan Director, Robson Ramos, says they’re printing a contemporary version of the complete Bible. “What makes the NVI Portuguese translation special is the fact that it is the first translation of the Scriptures into the Portuguese language ever done from the original Biblical languages. All the other translations available are translations which were done from the Latin, French, or English – the King James Version.” Ramos says most Brazilians use a version of scripture translated in 1861. He says this is going to help evangelism. “It is a translation, which translates the word of God in a way that people can understand today. But, it still maintains the dignity and the elegance of the word of God.” The official launch is scheduled for November.

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