Story number 3 for 17 Jun 2003

By June 17, 2003

(India)–Urban India lives under water rationing while the plight of rural area worsens daily with fast sinking ground water level. Ground water level has gone down in 30-percent of the districts, forcing villagers to go elsewhere for water. The other issue is the availability of safe, clean drinking water. Living Water International’s Jerry Wiles explains their work with churches opens the door for community ministry.” Christians have received persecution, and have been alienated from the water supply. So, people, when they are freely given the water, in the name of Jesus, they begin to ask why you’re doing it. So, it really opens up people to the Gospel.” Wiles says aside from evangelism, there is other benefit.
“Water is a catalyst for transformation, because when you provide clean, safe drinking water in the village, it affects the economy, it effects the education, and really, brings about a transformation to the community.”

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