Story number 3 for 17 May 2001

By May 17, 2001

(Turkey)–An economic fiasco in Turkey has left a spiritual and emotional vacuum. Global Advance recently visited the area to train church leaders and give them some encouragement. Although they didn’t conduct a full Frontline Shepherd’s Conference, David Shibley says that’s because the church there is still very small. “There are only about four thousand Turkish believers in all of Turkey. However, there are key pastors in several cities, so we brought them in together on a very small-scale basis-several of the very key pastors of the nation, tremendous devoted servants of the Lord.” Shibley observes that many Turks have turned from Islam, but haven’t yet embraced something else. He says this is what has sparked optimism in Christians. “There is a massive hopelessness among many young people in Turkey today as they see no economic hope, no comfort in a religion that they once espoused. This creates tremendous opportunity for the church.”

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