Story number 3 for 17 Oct 2000

By October 17, 2000

Humanitarian aid agencies are thanking God for answered prayer regarding Ethiopia. Food For the Hungry’s Rory Starks. “I just received an email from our country director in Ethiopia. And, I’ve seen reports from the U-N that the famine that have been threatening approximately 10-million people in Ethiopia appears to have been averted. And, that’s because of the tremendous response from the world community.” The drought, which had parched much of the country for three years, has ended and a plentiful harvest is expected soon. Many people heard the Gospel message because of the Gospel that accompanied the famine relief. Starks explains. “Many of our donors have responded to help. Many of the churches where we have relationships, partnerships with churches. They’ve responded. And, it’s really a praise to God that we have averted what potentially was a catastrophic famine.”

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