Story number 3 for 17 Oct 2001

By October 17, 2001

(Middle East)–American troops are the targets of evangelistic outreach in central Asia. According to High Adventure Ministry’s Paul Hunter, as U-S personnel are working in and around Afghanistan, they’ll have the comfort of the Gospel on the radio. “The European satellite feeds a relay, short-wave station in Europe, which beams our broadcast into those regions. And, something we’re trying to do is step up our programming and then we want to minister to our troops fighting during this crisis.” High Adventure uses radio to share the Gospel around the world. Hunter believes the current conflict will push many to their programming. “Just like the reactions we’ve had here in America where there’s been a real turning to God. There’s been a reassessment of our spiritual situation. I think likewise from the indications we have, within the Muslim world questions are being asked.” Hunter says funding is needed more than ever to help with this outreach opportunity.

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