Story number 3 for 17 Sep 2001

By September 17, 2001

(Nigeria)–While the pall of mourning envelopes the world following terrorist attacks on the United States, Nigeria late last week grappled with another bout of violence in Jos, the capital city of Plateau State. The latest riot was allegedly stoked by the American disaster, however, Muslims attacked Christians in the process. SIM’s Jonathon Shea. “The hospital in Jos that we’ve associated with was very busy with a lot of injuries so that was an important thing. But, there was some talk of reprisals against Christians that might be directed to the hospital. But, there are military people who are watching that.” Despite the tensions, Shea says their work will continue. However, he asks people to pray for Christians who have taken retaliatory measures. “The healing of the churches and the Christians are probably primary because, what kind of a witness can you have, and how can you minister to people of other ethnic groups when you have these testimonies and reputations?”

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