Story number 3 for 18 Apr 2002

By April 18, 2002

(Philippines)–New churches are being planted in the Philippines and, according to the Bible League, that’s increasing the demand for Bibles. The Bible League’s Bob Craft says they just translated a new study Bible in the Cebuano (say-BWAH-noh) language, which has 15-million speakers. “They have no actual pastoral study books in their language. They have no Bible helps in their language. And so, this Bible, as it comes out, will be used by pastors, Christians leaders, Bible study group leaders. It’ll be a great teaching tool in church growth, evangelism, and from the pulpit.” According to Craft, the initial release should be exciting. “Every time a new resource is placed into the hands of a group of existing Christians, there’s this immediate stir of evangelistic activity, small group Bible studies. It facilitates it. It just pushes it right along.” A gift of 20-dollars can buy four Bibles for the Cebuano Christians.

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