Story number 3 for 18 Dec 2002

By December 18, 2002

(Hungary)–As thousands of refugees fled out of Afghanistan and Pakistan seeking refuge in Hungary, new needs cropped up. For many, an education becomes the only way out of the poverty following the war survivors…and that’s where the work of Educational Services International comes in. ESI’s Stephanie Tebow says they’re now working in the refugee camps around Budapest. “These are all Muslim refugees-and it’s a rare opportunity to be able to first, serve, and second, to witness to an unreached people group in a secure setting. Many of them have lost family members, children or parents, and are in desperate need of hope and love and kindness.” Tebow says the opportunities for ministry are growing; she asks people to pray for open hearts. “We will also be teaching English there to adults, and we will also be teaching English language learning camp for children. Our hope is to show them that Christianity is about love and is about serving one another and is even for them.”

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