Story number 3 for 18 Feb 2000

By February 18, 2000

In another Muslim country, an evangelical missionary organization is asking for prayer as they prepare to reach the lost in Pakistan. Manmin World Mission’s Johnny Kim says they plan to hold a crusade there in the fall. “It’s not a Christian nation, as you know, it’s an Islamic Republic. More than 95-percent of the total population are Muslim people. They invited the President of Manmin World Mission Rev. Doctor Lee Jae Rock and have the crusade nationwide in this coming October.” Kim says they’re going to use Korean cultural events to to share the Gospel. “For example dance, and praising and I think that the cultural method is a good way to open the mind of the people in different cultures. So through that kind of method we’re going to gather the Muslim people and open their heart and then we will preach.”

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