Story number 3 for 18 Jan 2001

By January 18, 2001

The threat of a collapsed cease-fire over disputed territory between Western Sahara and Morocco left open the possibility for war. It was under these conditions that Sammy Tippit Ministries‘ Lyn Leeburg found herself in Western Sahara on a recent visit to the 10/40 window’s Sahrawis. (suh-WAHR-ees) “There’s constant danger for the men that are on the front, and especially now, with Morocco having violated the demarcation zone. War could break out at any moment. So, we did leave books and videos of Sammy preaching, and we started relationships with some of the leaders there.” Leeburg says as far as the future for evangelistic outreach goes, it could be touchy. “Pray for peace–that somehow, God moves on the world scene to bring about the vote for independence that the Sahrawis need in order to be able to go back into their country. [Pray] that He would keep war from breaking out, [and] that they would be in a position to be able to receive the Gospel message.”

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