Story number 3 for 18 Jun 2001

By June 18, 2001

(Africa)–Churches in countries hard hit by HIV and AIDS are now able to get training needed to help point victims of the disease to Christ. Walk Thru the Bible’s Terry Sparks says they’ve just released a video teaching program called, “Hope For Africa – God’s answer to Aids.” Sparks explains why the program is needed. “AIDS is a problem that virtually ever person in sub Sahara Africa is dealing with in one degree or another. A lot of the pastors in Africa are dealing with, like two to three funerals a week. The busiest profession, if we want to call it that, is casket making.” According to Sparks, the six part video series taped in Africa features Bruce Wilkerson. Sparks says it could have incredible impact. “20 years we’ve been dealing with AIDS and basically the church has been silent on the issue. And, this is a tool that gives the church a way to address an issue that is very relevant.”

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