Story number 3 for 18 Sep 2002

By September 18, 2002

(USA)–Teens in the United States are catching the vision for evangelizing their peers. Dare 2 Share Ministries’ Greg Stier says they just completed a “Last Chance Conference” in Phoenix, Arizona. These conferences are designed to not only encourage teens in evangelism, but gives their youth group a strategy to work together. “We had several churches that signed on to really make a pledge to continue carry on the revival in and through their churches. We give them a very specific long term strategy, and we had over 20 churches sign up to do that, and we’re pretty excited about that. And, we’re coming to Detroit the first part of October, and we’re really looking forward to hopefully training close to 3,000 student how to share their faith.” Stier says this is the first step is seeing Evangelism Teams established in the U-S. “What Evangelism Teams are, are teams of students that lead the charge for invitational evangelism from the context of the youth ministry. Our goal this season is to have 1,000 E-Teams launched across the nation. Last season there was about 330 E-Teams. And so, we’re well on our way.”

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