Story number 3 for 19 Dec 2001

By December 19, 2001

(USA)–With the growth of the Islamic faith in the Arabic-speaking world, the need to spread the Gospel message is urgent. That’s why Bible Pathway Ministries is expanding its radio programming. Bible Pathway’s Ken Sharp says their current program on World Harvest Radio has had many responses. “People have come to know Christ as their personal Savior. Others are wanting further information on how to become a Christian. We get a lot of responses – a lot of people want us to send them Bibles and Bible Pathways that we offer free at the end of each day’s broadcast.” Beginning January 1st, they’re adding another five-minute Arabic broadcast on Worldwide Christian Radio, but Sharp says funding is needed. “We can not always fill all of the needs and requests as quickly as we would like. Sometimes because we don’t have the Arabic Bibles readily available, or because of the lack of funds we can’t get them out because of the postage needs.”

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