Story number 3 for 19 Mar 2003

By March 19, 2003

(Madagascar)–Madagascar, crippled by civil unrest last year, is seeking international aid to rebuild the country. In the effort to restore infrastructure, the government may have overlooked some specialized areas. However, Christian Blind Mission’s Dr. Van Joffrion (JOE-freon) says they haven’t forgotten either their work or their calling. “In the hospitals where we work, there’s Scriptures available, they pray with the patients in the wards as they make rounds. So, the fact that it’s a Christian hospital is obvious to the patients.” Joffrion explains that the need for physical and spiritual ministry is growing. “The program has expanded from one town to another large town in the southern part of the country. There’s a retired professor that is continuing to train national doctors, and one of the trainees has now started another eye department in the capitol city, and we’re in the process of establishing another eye center in the northeast.”

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