Story number 3 for 19 Sep 2000

By September 19, 2000

Ministry teams are in place as people from all over the world gather for the Olympic games in Sydney. Southern Baptist International Mission Board‘s Craig Martin is in Australia looking at how groups are trying to reach the world for Christ. One local church began to prepare early and helped construct a tent city to house the ministries. “Often times there are not things in place that make it convenient for people to be able to share, so what happens is that you have people coming to do ministry but they spend the majority of their time probably looking for hotel rooms and try to find where they are going to stay and figure out how they are going to do food.’ The tourists that don’t have tickets to Olympic events are often the target for the ministries. ” You have a non-threatening situation combined with people with time on their hands and I think it’s worked out nicely.” The various ministries represented sometimes use music and drama to attract attention. And, many are working together providing interpreters to ensure the Gospel is heard.

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