Story number 3 for 19 Sep 2002

By September 19, 2002

(International)– FARMS International continues to grow in outreach. The newest project launch will be coming this fall in Thailand. FARMS’ Steve Salowitz says their work amongst the border people groups had a lot to do with the new program. What’s more, this is a key location to future ministry. “There will be training in October in more of a central region of Thailand among the Lahu people. This is a new one; we’re excited to enter in among the Lahu and hopefully, this will be another means to spread the Gospel to reach out across the border into neighboring countries, but also to strengthen the Lahu church.” Salowitz says the Lahu project grew out of interest about what was happening with the Hmong and Mien. “They had become familiar with the Hmong outreach and then they wrote to us and said, ‘hey, we really like what’s happening among the Hmong and the Mien, and we would like to do this with the Lahu. So, could you tell us what we need to do?'”

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