Story number 3 for 2 Feb 2000

By February 2, 2000

Native actors who perform in the same language and lifestyle as the people of
India see the message of Jesus Christ in Dayspring International’s film
“Dayasagar”. The film has been taken throughout the country and shown by mobile
film teams and as John Gilman says, ministry plans continue. “We’re so excited about
Dayspring International’s goals this year. Last year, we launched 100 new mobile film
teams. And, this year, we’re adding 100 new teams and we will include some video
teams using VCR and VHS copies of the film.” Gilman asks that people uphold their
work in prayer. “There are nearly 95-percent of the people who are without Christ, so
it’s a prayer that those who have never heard the Gospel, even once, might have that
opportunity to hear the story of Jesus and His love.”

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