Story number 3 for 2 Jan 2002

By January 2, 2002

(Ghana)–The people of Ghana, West Africa now have scripture in a translation they can understand. International Bible Society’s Judy Billings says while this isn’t the first translation, it is the first in many decades. “We released a modern translation of the New Testament in the Akuapem Twi language in Akuapem, Ghana. And, this is new translation brings the word of God to more than eight million people in their contemporary language.” Billings says this can’t help but have an impact on evangelism. She says there’s one group of people that it will especially benefit. “There (are) so many young people there in the population of Ghana and so many people were not reading The Word. It was just very difficult for them to understand. So, the young people especially were very excited to receive this new copy of God’s word in their mother tongue.”

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