Story number 3 for 2 Jun 2000

By June 2, 2000

Despite Muslim threats, Walk Thru the Bible has launch a “World Teach” program in the Philippines. World Teach is a saturation Bible-teaching strategy with a goal of having a trained Bible teacher for every 50-thousand people around the world. Walk thru the Bible’s Terry Sparks. “We had meetings in Manila and Cebu. Altogether, we trained 422 new World Teachers in the Philippines and had, we estimate, about 10,000 people at our meetings. It was the largest and most successful launch that we’ve had so far.” According to Sparks, there’s concern their World Teachers could be in danger. “There were many bomb threats during the time we were there. Every time we went into a build we were searched. I think we really need to be in prayer for the Philippines. The cause of the unrest is that the Muslim radicals want the Philippines to be a Muslim country.” Thousands of churches have been started and trained leaders are needed to help lead them.

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