Story number 3 for 2 Mar 2000

By March 2, 2000

At least 11 international aid organizations are withdrawing from southern Sudan following a rebel ultimatum over assistance to the war-ravaged region. The pullout interrupts a majority of the aid operations and comes at a time when food is scarce prior to the major planting season. Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton says they are still reviewing the situation. “It seems to be that they want control over what aid is going in and where its going…so, we are still trying to figure out exactly what this is going to mean to our work in Sudan. I think it’s premature to say one way or the other. It could mean that we don’t work there or it could be just a small bump in the road.” Nettleton says the ministry is committed to helping persecuted Christians in the area, but: “If, by following all of these guidelines that the rebels want to set down, we’re unable to help persecuted Christians, then how can we help the church and help the Christians there, and if we can’t, what do we need to do differently?”

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