Story number 3 for 2 Mar 2001

By March 2, 2001

(China)–An evangelistic group working in China is breaking new ground this year. Aside from new leadership, China Partner has launched a new project that will have a lasting impact on believers in that country for generations. China Partner President, Erik Burklin. “We have started a special fundraising drive to raise funds for the first-ever and the only Bible school in Jiangxi province. This particular facility will have three different buildings. China Partner has made a commitment to raise 130-thousand U-S dollars.” Burklin says the fearless enthusiasm shown by Christians in the area was exciting for the former president of China Partner, Werner Burklin. “That was a very moving experience for my father, knowing that just 50 years ago, there was nothing; not even a church. And today, they’re constructing a Bible school which enable young people to be trained in the work of the Gospel.”

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