Story number 3 for 20 Aug 2002

By August 20, 2002

(USA)–It’s a meeting of the minds-and it’ll be taking place for the future of the worldwide body of Christ. An international summit for church leaders, sponsored by Global Advance, is slated for August 25th through the 28th. Global Advance’s David Shibley says they’re purposing a growth shift. “We believe that these are going to be very catalytic days where the Holy Spirit will speak to us collectively regarding perhaps even a new mission paradigm for this decade. So, it’s a time when we can hear from national pastoral leadership themselves, on how Global Advance can best serve the church.” Shibley believes this assembly will be a turning point for evangelistic focus. “Instead of the Western church mandating a mission strategy on the church in developing nations, it now needs to really happen in reverse, in that the tremendous indigenous leaders would now tell us what their greatest needs are, and how we can partner together for the fulfilling of the Great Commission, I believe, in this decade.”

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