Story number 3 for 20 Mar 2002

By March 20, 2002

(USA)–Book of Hope needs your help in reaching lost children around the world. Book of Hope’s Bob Hoskins says they were able to distribute Books of Hope in 100 countries last year. Hoskins says the challenge is that they can’t handle the demand. “There’s such a worldwide problem with children and young people. It’s a moral crisis; it’s a health crisis. Many of these governments are perplexed. When they hear about the Book of Hope, and how children and young people are responding to the Book of Hope, they come to us requesting the Book of Hope for their nations.” 40-million children received the Book of Hope last year. One dollar can purchase books for three children. He says it’s’ essential to reach people when they’re young. “Upwards of 80-percent of all believers made that decision before they were 18. The young heart is open; it’s tender. We believe it’s critical and we believe that we need to reach children even at a younger age. Decisions are made earlier in life, now.”

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