Story number 3 for 20 Oct 2000

By October 20, 2000

The Gospel is now more accessible around the world than ever before. However, many of the translations available are written in archaic language. Groups like the International Bible Society are working to revamp the translations into the easier to understand vernacular. IBS’ Kermit Titrud oversees the East Asian projects. He says there is one obstacle they’ve come up against. “There are so few translators doing the job and fewer of us consultants. People aren’t familiar with the need; maybe they assume-at least with the American public, we have, what, dozens and dozens of translations? I think maybe people feel that the Word of God pretty much has been translated throughout the whole world.” Titrud asks that believers pray for: “…more workers to help us finish the Commission that He has given us to do, and that is to get His Word into all these different ethnic groups. Specifically, continue to pray for the health for the translators that are doing the job and that we’ll continue to have wisdom from God.”

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