Story number 3 for 21 Jan 2000

By January 21, 2000

With the Balkans in ruins, World Servants is making plans to go into twelve
destroyed villages this spring to help rebuild. Chris Clum says not only are they
working to provide shelter, but they also want to give back the future the Serbian
soldiers stole from the Albanians. “One of the things they did in these villages when they
went in is target the schools. They leveled the schools, and in some cases, killed all the
teachers in some of these villages. So, we are going to go back to one of these villages
and work with the people that live there and rebuild the school.” Clum says helping the
Muslim community in this manner will give them a chance to share the Gospel. “It’s a
wonderful open door for us to share our Christian faith by just working alongside them
and helping meet some practical needs really warms their hearts to receive the Gospel.
As we’ve been over there and have begun to build relationships, they begin to ask
questions-“Why are you here?” “Tell us about your faith.””

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