Story number 3 for 21 Nov 2002

By November 21, 2002

(USA)–A new animated video could revolutionize the way children come to Christ around the world. Book of Hope’s Rob Hoskins says they’re currently producing the Book of Hope in this special format to reach those who can’t be reached with the printed word. “That would be the illiterate, 33-percent of the child of the world. We have large numbers of children in inaccessible areas in China and the Middle East. There’s a whole segment that we call the alliterate, which are those children and youth in the first world in the west who know how to read, but choose not to read because they’ve grown up on media.” According to Hoskins, they still need funding to complete the project. “The project is about a $3 million project and we’ve raised about $2.1 million. We’ll also be rolling the project out in nine other cultural versions and those nine other versions cost about $250,000.” The project is expected to be completed in March, 2003.

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