Story number 3 for 22 Aug 2000

By August 22, 2000

Farms International continues their work in Thailand, where economic upheaval left the government in disarray. Following a slow, somewhat anemic recovery, many people were left trying to pick up THE pieces of their lives–and found themselves needing help. Three years ago, Farms launched a special loan program along the northern border near Lao. Farms’ Mike Phillips. “You have a group of people that are very poor, especially the tribal people. They’re not looking for handouts, but they are open for help to get them over the rough time, and so, they’re not looking for free money, but they are looking for ways to get ahead and they’re very happy to pay back the money that they have borrowed.” Phillips says loans are repaid to a revolving fund and recipients agree to tithe to their local church. The result? Families find a biblical path out of poverty and their churches are strengthened. “I think that they [other believers] can pray that where there is a need, that we can answer that need-people who truly do need the money can come and find it; it’s an open door.”

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