Story number 3 for 22 Aug 2001

By August 22, 2001

(Indonesia)–While violence continues in Indonesia, Christians continue to help the needy in that Muslim nation. AMG International’s Paul Jenks says they have a child sponsorship program that’s introducing the Gospel to the majority religion there. “For 22-dollars a month a family or a Sunday school or a church here in America can support a child. Many of their parents who were just day laborers have found things much more difficult. Especially if they happened to work for a Christian businessman who’s lifestyle and business was disrupted during these times. It’s been rough for them.” According to Jenks, this has been an integral part of seeing people come to Christ. “That’s the wonderful thing about the Gospel. Even in the darkest times, we have hope when people outside of Christ just are wondering what the next step is. We can direct them to the one who has all things in his hands.” Continue to pray for the safety of Christians who are evangelizing and planting churches.

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