Story number 3 for 22 May 2001

By May 22, 2001

(India)–An evangelical organization is doing its part to make sure children aren’t sold into slavery and prostitution in India. Christian Aid Mission is assisting Christopher Boda to reach his own people for Christ. Because of poor economic conditions, Boda says the Bunjara people are selling their own children. “Bunjara kids are (being sold) in the market (by) their own parents. Bringing infant babies and selling (them) for 10-dollars. If they’re girls they can (be bought) for 10 to 15-dollars. And, they’ll raise them and they’ll use them for prostitution.” Boda says hundreds of children are being sold because many families can’t afford additional children. That’s why Boda has started a youth home to give parents another option. “Right now we have 77 childrens are there in my children’s home. We started construction. That is our main goal is to complete at least 25 rooms. We are praying for 15 to 20-thousand dollars.” The homes provide a great opportunity to lead these children to Christ.

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