Story number 3 for 22 Oct 2002

By October 22, 2002

(Kosovo)–When a country is out of the news, it sometimes has a negative impact on funding for programs in those countries That’s exactly what’s happened Bethany Christian Services’ program in Kosovo. Bethany’s Tom Jackson recently returned from the region. “In Kosovo, over the last few years, since the crisis there, we’ve had as many as 24 professional staff. Now, in this particular trip, I’ve had to cut that way back because the funding is no longer there.” Jackson says 50-thousand dollars would allow the program to continue meeting physical, emotional and, at times, spiritual needs. “We are often working directly with the government that can prohibit to do that on a programmatic basis, but we encourage people to reach out on a private basis during their opportunities.” Jackson is asking people to pray that God would provide the needed funding and that more professionals would volunteer.

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