Story number 3 for 23 Dec 2002

By December 23, 2002

(Niger)– Evangelical Baptist Mission’s Tim Wright says they’re looking for studio help to grow the radio ministry. However, finding someone with experience in audio production, or radio for a short stint in Niger has proven difficult. But, they’re still looking because: “We only have one mission couple that’s assigned to the radio ministry in Niger, that’s my wife and I. (And) really, there’s a lot more opportunities as far as producing audio/visual materials than I can facilitate myself. So, we’re looking for folks that are interested in short-term or an internship.” Wright explains what will happen if they don’t get the help they need. “Especially like with a project like recording the Zarma Bible onto audiotape, it’s a time intensive project and it’s just going to slow it down by years and years. It’s aimed towards a group of people that only have a 15-percent literacy rate, so even though they have the Bible translated into their own language, they wouldn’t be able to read it.”

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