Story number 3 for 23 Feb 2000

By February 23, 2000

Evangelistic outreach in some parts of India may be threatened by a recent turn of events. Walk Through the Bible’s Terry Sparks just returned from India. He says that while they were there, they were concerned about a news media report. The article pointed out it is now against the law for someone from Gujarat State to convert another person. “We have seventy people that are working in that state, and obviously, we’re very concerned about them. So, we would appreciate your prayers…but the thing that really strikes me is just the commitment of the people-everyday, they’re putting their life on the line.” Sparks says evangelism continues, but pray for: “…continued protection for our World Teachers. We have1212 teachers now, working in India in about ten different languages. In a couple different places, Gujarat and Orissa, there have been real problems.”

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